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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Michigan Shores, a residence building that provides retirement living for active, independent seniors, 55 and older, which is been part of the FRANKFORT scene since May 1991, when it first opened its doors.

It is located on a 19-acre scenic and almost pastoral site, at 641 Michigan Ave. near the north west

corner of the city, where the building overlooks Lake Michigan.

It is intended for independent living and about 70 folks live there in one of 54, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments that range in size from about 600 ft.2 to 1380 Square feet.

There is currently a hired staff of two, a Cooperative Manager, who has been with us since January 2006; and a full-time Maintenance Manager, been here since 1990, who cares for the grounds and the inside common areas. The members elect a seven-person Board of Directors that supervise the operation of all facets of the Shores.

The residents are noted for the desire to participate in the one or more of the activity groups that meet

on a regular basis.

They have their own library and there are groups that offer a resource for a variety of interests,

including exercise, reading, movies, hospitality, as well as those related to oversight of the maintenance and management, such as finance, personnel, building and grounds committees.

Not only do the residents volunteer at home, but also throughout the community, including the Library, the hospital gift shop, the historical museum, BACN, and various churches, and other civic groups. They are a busy group of people!

Although meals are not included as part of the resident’s monthly fees, there is a potluck dinner each

month. In the summertime, cookouts and bonfires are enjoyed by most.

Visitors are welcome, and we offer two guestrooms on first floor, for a minimal cost of $75 per night.

Sound interesting? Call Shirley Robert, the Cooperative Manager, for a tour of the building and a few


Call today! Telephone number 231-352-7217 or email or visit our website

for more information.

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